Core Services

  • Ingredient & Required Information Language Translation

    Every country has its informational needs, and every country needs it in a specific language. For that reason, AGS provides a translation service for all its trade works. Some countries require the translation of ingredients in a specific language, others require information about the importer to be translated and available on the package, and many countries require both. No matter what it is, AGS’s highly skilled translators will be able to cater to all product and country informational needs.

  • International Formatting of Production & Expiration Dating (P&E)

    With so many countries having different regulations and needs in terms of P&E dating, the process of catering to each can be very costly.

    Some countries need a date of production, expiration, and a “best by” tag, and some only require P&E. Many countries use the DD/MM/YYYY format, while others us the MM/DD/YYYY format. All these changes can be done for your products, even if they are in small amounts, at AGS. Our top of the line machine printers can be easily adjusted to the task requirements, making your P&E dating problems way less of a headache.

  • Products labeling

    All stickers with translated text can be made in various sizes and are printed when only when required.  Stickers can be applied to products either manually or by machine. At AGS, we don’t wait for anything to delay our process. The stickers and translated texts are all saved on our systems, making them easily accessible at all times, and making the printing quantities flexible for both AGS and the client.

  • Repackaging and Shrink-Wrapping

    With all the changes being made for P&E, and all the stickers being put, repackaging and shrink-wrapping are often an essential part of the trade process. AGS provides this service for products that need it. Shrink wrapped cases can be re-shrink wrapped or re-sealed using clear tape. There are additional costs for new shrink-wrapping services.

  • Export Shipment Consolidation & Warehousing

    At AGS, we aim to make all our services meet all trade needs. Because our strategic location, we can act as an export distribution point for our various clients. Our consolidation services include LDL/LCL shipments, or less than a truck load/less than a container load shipments. We can also store and warehouse client containers.

  • Cooperating with the International Shipment Inspection &USDA

    We cooperate with USDA inspection for all shipments to make sure that everything that comes through is legal and has good quality and standards.

  • International Marketing and Export Assistance

    Because of the nature of AGS’s work, and being able to work with all kinds of businesses such as importers, exporters, and distributors, the company has long time experience in the international market.  Working with types of businesses in the industry gives AGS the benefit of utilizing these relationships with companies to new clients’ benefit. If someone wants to enter the international business but doesn’t want to go through the hassle of figuring out all the steps and procedures, AGS can take care of shipment paperwork, international documents, scheduling, and many other logistic needs that need assistance.

  • We provide also other services like:

    Product Development, Marketing Management, Purchasing, Food Sales and Distribution, Data and Systems, Brokerage and Logistics.